Leading Ag

Marketing with Facebook Live

As professional marketers, we’ve had a good experience working with Live since it launched, and we’d like to share some insights and recommendations with you.

Podcasting as an Agribusiness Marketing Tool?

Is podcasting in your organization’s future? Is podcasting a viable way to reach ag audiences? Check out our thoughts on this growing platform!

Is This the Year?

January is famous for New Year’s resolutions—those pesky promises we make to ourselves and to each other to accomplish things that have been put off far too long.

Finding Your Target: Geotargeting, Geofencing and Beaconing

In our mobile society connected by the Internet of Things, companies are still concerned about exactly where their customers are.

Employee Advocacy 101

You may have heard the term employee advocacy grace the lips of social media experts in the past several years. That’s because it is a social media strategy that has yielded great results for companies both large and small.

The First Amendment and Social Media in Agribusiness

There’s been renewed discussion about the right to free expression as it pertains to the National Anthem, the American flag and the right of citizens to stand, kneel, link arms or put your hand over your heart.

How to Find out What Your Customers Really Want

Here’s a little known fact about consumer research. Customers are terrible at predicting what they really want in the future. Yet, most surveys seem to focus on this very question.

How Pokémon GO Can Benefit Ag

As Pokémon GO continues to grow into a cultural phenomenon, and other similar apps develop, you should be prepared to capitalize on potential user engagement that aligns with your target audience.

“Why are we doing this?” And other questions to ask before taking on new technology.

It seems like every day there is a new technology demanding your attention, as well as your marketing dollar. Marketing directors have less time and fewer resources to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Challenging Times Encourage Agri-Marketers to Analyze Their Brands

If you’re connected to agriculture, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the current downturn in our country’s agricultural economy. All of us in the industry are adjusting to the new normal.