Congratulations, Sarah Wolfswinkel

March 18, 2016

This month we’re celebrating Account Activity Manager/Print Buyer Sarah Wolfswinkel’s 10 years with Paulsen.

“I started as a print buyer and then began proofing,” Sarah says. Eventually she began handling traffic, as well. Today, in addition to being a print buyer, Sarah is an account activity manager, which means she assists account service team members with project management.

Sarah enjoys her position with Paulsen for a number of reasons.

“First, the people are great,” Sarah says. “There’s a huge variety of work and I’m able to collaborate with almost everyone in the agency.”

Sarah enjoys seeing a project from start to finish and likes working with printers, specialty providers and other external organizations. “We have really great vendors,” she says.

Not surprisingly, Sarah is well organized, unflappable and highly skilled at multitasking. She can order 10,000 hats, proofread an annual report and keep an entire department on task, all within a few hours.

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