Kacey Herrmann’s Extended Internship

May 20, 2016

Kacey Herrmann started as an intern at Paulsen in January of this year—and she’s still here!

“I interned two days a week through the spring,” Kacey says. “I was looking for more internship opportunities for the summer, and Sara asked if I wanted to stay for the summer.”

She did, and now Kacey is working five days a week for her summer internship.

“I work a lot with Kubota. I do a lot of organizing, spreadsheet updating and proofing. I’m learning a lot about the flow of agency work; how projects start and how all the agency assets work together from start to finish.”

Kacey graduated from SDSU this spring with a major in advertising and a minor in marketing. She also played varsity volleyball for four years.

Once her internship is over, Kacey would like to continue to work in an agency. “I’d like to stay in South Dakota because most of my family lives in the Black Hills, so my roots are in the state.”

Kacey has a family connection to Paulsen as well. Her mother, Marnie, worked for Paulsen in the early 90s, after Kacey was born. She knew about Paulsen from her mother’s time here, and says her internship has provided her with more than a work experience. It has also been a lesson in how to treat the people you work with.

“Everyone’s been really great, always thanking me for everything I do. That doesn’t necessarily happen everywhere. It’s nice to know that my work is appreciated.”

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