Resolve to Make 2017 the Year to Get Things Done

January 16, 2017

Like most cooperative managers, you probably have a list of tasks you’ve been meaning to tackle, but have put off completing for one reason or another.

Marketing communications projects are likely on this list, but they always seem to be the easy ones to put off “until later.” As the year begins, it’s time to ask yourself, “Is 2017 the year?”

Is this the year you will:

In summary, is this the year that marketing becomes a higher priority in effectively competing within your service area? If indeed this IS the year, then we should visit about ways Paulsen can help you accomplish the marketing projects that have been neglected for way too long.

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Recruiting the Best and the Brightest

Influence Policy on Behalf of Your Members

Influence Policy on Behalf of Your Members

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There’s a new generation of ag producers. How can you meet their needs?