We have honed our craft as communicators and harnessed the power of analytics and market intelligence for our clients.

Paulsen’s four-step process is efficient and proven. Each step can be customized to meet your specific budget and marketing objectives.



What is your perception in the marketplace? Is your organization equipped for the future? What makes your brand unique, compelling or believable? We use strategic business and marketing planning, customized research methodologies, data analytics and conversations with your customers to answer the important questions about your business, brand or product.



The next step is developing a plan to connect with your customers. This may involve a focused social media campaign or a fully integrated communications plan that includes traditional media, digital media, direct marketing, CRM and a cross-channel public relations strategy.



It’s all about engaging and persuading your audience. With the right combination of message and imagery, you can capture attention, change opinions and move customers to action. Our most effective work is always a reflection of what we learned during the Discover phase.



Did it work? What was the ROI? We use the latest analytic reporting tools and services—and overlay everything we know about agriculture—to give you a better picture of what’s working, what isn’t and why. Best of all, we can combine all your metrics into a single, easy-to-understand dashboard.

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