You can work with Paulsen in a variety of ways. For example, we can match specific areas of expertise to help you solve a pressing problem or capitalize on an awesome opportunity.

True strategic planning dives deep. It bypasses traditional questions, tactics and metrics, challenging you to look at critical aspects of your business differently. Paulsen’s strategic planning process guides you to evaluate what you do, why you do it, what your customer wants and how you might do things better.

How do you make your marketing decisions? Paulsen analyzes your industry, competitors and customers; reviews your goals, positioning, business model and price points; and develops a strategy that includes media, messaging, measurement and more.

What makes your brand unique, compelling and believable? Paulsen’s in-depth investigative process is designed to answer this question, identify marketing challenges, find unexplored opportunities and provide realistic recommendations to help you achieve your objectives.

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We bring context to your marketing data and provide the kind of insight and recommendations that can lead to new products, better messaging, improved decision-making and a stronger brand.

PR isn’t just about earned media. Paulsen’s services include everything from issues management and media relations to events, product launches, media kits, tours and non-traditional tactics.

Effective crisis management demands speed, which is why it’s essential to be prepared. The Paulsen Crisis Response Plan guides you to respond effectively, communicate confidently and take action to prevent issues from escalating or damaging your company’s reputation.

Our job is to craft powerful, memorable communications that deliver your message to your target market – in any media. From logo design to multi-media campaigns, our work breaks through the clutter and gets results.

We create websites, apps and other digital solutions from the ground up. From design and development to hosting and maintenance, our expertise includes e-commerce, CRM and CMS integration, email, social media and database development.

Online marketing is brimming with power and potential. From SEO to pay per click, and behavioral targeting to native advertising, Paulsen’s tactics are abundant, exciting and measurable.

Media includes analysis, strategy, planning, negotiation and placement. Which leads right back to analysis. It’s an ongoing targeting process, using traditional and digital avenues, that we’re constantly refining and perfecting for our clients.

Paulsen uses sophisticated CRM strategies, database development and management, along with extensive tracking, to get you the direct marketing results you want.

Paulsen provides clients with market and industry research services. We work with specialized research firms to deliver the most robust qualitative and quantitative insights.

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