Landus Cooperative’s New Website Launched

June 14, 2019

Recently Paulsen launched a new website for Landus Cooperative, an Ames, Iowa, farmer-owned cooperative.

Landus Cooperative’s Director of Communications Alicia Heun says, “Anytime we’re doing something that impacts thousands of farmers, we run the risk of hesitation to change.”

“It must be easy to navigate, easy to find things and easy to transition from the old pages to the new pages, which was our number one concern.” Heun says the new site meets all these requirements.

“I loved the process that Paulsen offered to us for this project,” she says. “It was flexible enough that we could take on as much or as little content writing and planning as we wanted to. But, we knew that their team would be able manage regardless of the level of our involvement.”

“And the team was fun to work with,” Heun adds.

Paulsen build the site using the Craft Content Management System (CMS), which makes managing the site and its content easy and intuitive.

“The Paulsen team rose to the occasion in our training and documentation for how to use the site,” Heun says. “Our entire team went through a training that we requested to be purposely in-depth.”

“After that one training and the documentation, literally the next day we were making our own web edits, and every single person on our team from graphic designer to the intern has been able to get in and make changes. It’s intuitive, and we are all loving the flexibility of what it can do for us.”

Landus Cooperative used an inclusive internal process for gathering information from various disciplines within the organization. Staff within departments met to discuss expectations and provide assets for their website sections.

“After three years of being a merged company and building one culture, the site was really our first big public-facing foray into communicating and marketing who we are and what makes us different,” Heun says.

“It was a beneficial process not just to build the website, but to help solidify our messaging internally and how it will help their foundation for the future. We had good, important discussions, and it was a fruitful for us on many levels.”

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