Never Stop Improving: PIC and Paulsen

July 23, 2019

Just because information is complex or technical, doesn’t mean it has to be boring or difficult to understand.

Valued Paulsen client PIC (Pig Improvement Company), a global swine genetics company, implemented the branding update we collaborated on several years ago.

And today, PIC taps Paulsen for assistance in making complex information easy to understand—and easy on the eyes.

“This year we’ve worked with PIC on a number of projects that translate scientific data into text, infographics and graphs that are accessible to PIC customers,” says Account Specialist Brittany Lessman.

“In some cases the target market consists of sophisticated swine industry producers, and in other cases we’re communicating with folks who might do manual labor on a hog farm.”

On most of these projects, the Paulsen team meets with PIC scientists to fully understand the details and nuances of the topic.

“What Paulsen brings to the table is the ability to take a stack of technical information and condense it into a readable and visually appealing piece consistent with PIC’s brand standards,” says Lessman.

We’re proud of our work for PIC and enjoy our relationship with the company’s scientists and marketing team.

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