Paulsen Develops Educational Campaign on Zoonotic Diseases

May 7, 2019

Do you know what a zoonotic disease is?

Even if you know that they’re diseases shared between animals and people, you may not know how prevalent they are. This classification includes everything from rabies and bubonic plague to salmonella, Lyme disease, West Nile, swine flu and more.

Paulsen was asked by SD One Health to develop a movable interactive display and a billboard educating people in South Dakota about zoonotic diseases.

Because South Dakota is such a rural state, many farmers and their families are in regular contact with animals.

Spreading a simple awareness message, the billboards stress hand-washing and refer viewers to the website.

The interactive display features several panels devoted to washing hands and includes an antibacterial hand gel dispenser.

Other panels provide examples of zoonotic diseases, show where they come from and how they can spread, and offer an up-close look at pathogens through a mock microscope.

The Paulsen team tested the interactive display by inviting staff members’ children to explore it and provide feedback.

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