Podcast and Blog Highlight Marsh & McLennan Agency Ag Expertise

June 18, 2019

Farmers aren’t the only folks in agriculture with a risky occupation. Agribusinesses of all sizes are exposed to risk in the normal course of business.

Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA), the nation’s ninth largest insurance broker, specializes in risk management. And within the company is a team of agribusiness experts who work with a wide range of organizations, including ag cooperatives, large livestock operations, ag manufacturing facilities and more.

Paulsen was asked to help the team specializing in agribusiness risk management to continue its strong growth. To show the team’s expertise in agriculture, Paulsen is helping create content, including podcasts and blog posts.

“A critical component of our business model is providing guidance, education and leadership to decision makers on industry issues and topics affecting their organizations,” says Jenny Wolff, MMA communications strategist.

“With consumers becoming more and more accustomed to accessing content on demand, we needed to get more creative in how we deliver that information.”

“Particularly in the ag space, where our clients are spread over a wide geography, coming into the office for a seminar isn’t an option for them,” Wolff says. “A podcast they can consume during their windshield time is a perfect fit for this audience.”

The first podcast featured Risk Management Consultant Travis Starks and Analytic Services Vice President Sarah Delaney discussing data and analytics in agribusiness. It’s available on iTunes, Stitcher and on the MMA website.

Also on the MMA website are blog posts Paulsen created on topics including African Swine Fever, preparing for an OSHA inspection, risk management in the context of mergers and acquisitions and more.

Paulsen Videos Tell Ag’s Story