Bryan Bjerke Marks 15 Year Milestone at Paulsen

December 2, 2015

According to Paulsen Public Relations Director Bryan Bjerke, the one thing that has remained constant within a world of drastic change in the PR profession is the story.

“The way the story is delivered has certainly changed, but the story itself is still the single most important thing,” said Bjerke. “Every company, every product and every industry has a story to tell. Getting that story right and making it interesting is what effective PR is all about.”

Bjerke recently marked his 15th year as public relations director at Paulsen. He reflected on his tenure at Paulsen, saying, “It’s been a tremendous learning and growing experience, and I have so enjoyed the people I work with and the many friendships I have here at Paulsen.”

He noted that the PR profession has evolved to be vastly different than when he entered the news and communications business over 30 years ago.

“The advent of social media and digital communications has had a huge impact on how the message is delivered. But the importance and integrity of the story has remained constant,” he explained.

In reflecting back over the span of 15 years at Paulsen, Bryan mentions a video production in western Montana to document grazing of public lands for CRYSTALYX supplements as a memorable experience. Another was being on-site after an explosion occurred in Bozeman, Montana, and immediately responding with a crisis communications effort for client NorthWestern Energy. He also cites the agency’s relationship with Wheat Growers as a great opportunity to help a widely respected organization tell its story to consumer, ag producer and legislator audiences across South Dakota.

When asked what the most important attribute of a public relations practitioner is today, he replies, “That one’s easy. It’s curiosity to truly understand the situation.”


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