Macro and Micro Influencers

Sara Steever
August 23, 2011

Rural lifestylers turn to third-party verification of information, often online, before making a purchase decision. We believe there are two types of influencers that have decision-making impact on potential customers; macro and micro influencers. These influencers are sought out while making purchasing decisions.

Macro influencers have the most individual impact and the greatest influence among peers. They have always been a part of the decision process.

  • Industry thought leaders
  • Veterinarians and nutritionists
  • Dealers
  • Educators and research leaders
  • Member organizations and peer groups
  • Trusted and knowledgeable friends and family

Micro influencers have developed through digital media. They have some credibility, mainly through acquaintance or common interests. They could be a complete stranger who is similar to the buyer in some way.

  • Social media friends
  • Online communities
  • Other shopping sites that contain ratings and reviews

Rural lifestylers are very active in social media spaces, often seeking advice from influencers.

There is a strong pattern of influence happening online among complete strangers with a common interest. While not as powerful as macro influencers, micro influencers are becoming more and more important to the decision-making process.

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