Sharing the Doebler’s Story

May 11, 2016

Doebler’s Pennsylvania Hybrids has a wonderful story to tell. The company’s tagline, “Your Regional Advantage,” perfectly describes Doebler’s products and services.

The company began as a small family farming business in 1945 in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. Today, 80 years later, Doebler’s is a major regional seed brand, serving tens of thousands of growers in the northeast, with hybrids and varieties bred specifically for their region.

Doebler’s also possesses a wealth of knowledge about farming in the northeast. However, the company needed a way to share that knowledge with customers.  That’s why Paulsen is helping Doebler’s create content for use in a weekly blog and is assisting with social media coordination.

In February, Doebler’s and Paulsen began collaborating on a consistent schedule of content, including employee highlights, industry trends and growing tips for the region. In addition, Paulsen worked closely with the Doebler’s team to create an efficient process for writing, posting and interacting with customers on social media.

Doebler’s knowledge is now being shared in a consistent and coordinated way thanks to a great team effort. Check them out at and on Facebook.

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