Thomas Koeller’s Five-Year Anniversary

February 22, 2018

Analytics Coordinator Tom Koeller is celebrating his five-year anniversary at Paulsen.

Tom began in 2013 as digital services coordinator. Because we already had a Tom K. on staff (Tom Kamnikar), he was immediately dubbed TomKo.

“I like the constant change in our industry,” Tom says. “Everything is changing so quickly. We’re always working on new ideas and concepts. And it’s exciting to help bring these new approaches to our clients.”

“No two days are the same,” he says. After factory production stints in high school and college, Tom was eager to avoid repetitive work.

Tom also likes the atmosphere at Paulsen. “It’s a good environment,” he says. “It feels like a family.”

In Tom’s case, it actually IS family. He recently announced his engagement to Kristen Yount, who is related to two Paulsen staffers, and whom he met at Paulsen.

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