2011 is a Wrap

by Sara Steever
December 13, 2011

Predictions abound for 2012, and they make for interesting reading. Last spring I wrote an article, “What are the major trends in agri-marketing?” that appeared in Agri Marketing magazine and I predicted accurately that it would soon be out-of-date. That’s the problem with forecasting—you’re either flat out wrong, or someone reads your post a year later and thinks, “of course!”

One trend that probably still holds water is producers’ increased use of communication technologies. The tech triggers we identified over a year ago are still occurring. Cell providers prod farmers to upgrade to smartphones with data plans, and kids return to the farm bringing their expectations for speed and connectivity. End-of-year tax strategies should trigger another uptick in mobile devices and Wi-Fi farms. The newest research from Successful Farming shows producers adopting smartphones at an accelerated rate over the general population. One thing holds true—if you are using email or QR codes for marketing, your website needs to be responsive web enabled.

Social Media Cage Match

Not long ago technology seers were predicting the entire Internet would be pulled in through Facebook and while that doesn’t seem to be panning out, we have to wonder just how many social platforms are people willing to support. If it were anyone but Google trotting out a broad-audience, catchall platform, you wouldn’t be reading about it much. But it is Google, famous for learning from its own mistakes (Wave), as well as the mistakes of others. Google+ may just do it well enough to move the masses, but I’m not making any predictions. Late, late, latecomer, Twitter is finally jumping into the ring with Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn with better support of brands. As per usual, it is a limited rollout, so as ag marketers we will keep vigil. The marketing truism for this battle is regardless of how new and improved social media platforms become, the real work is providing engaging content with the same resources. Maybe my prediction for 2012 will be the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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