New AgXplore Campaign Starts

April 7, 2016

For several years, Paulsen has worked with AgXplore, a Parma, Missouri, company.

AgXplore manufactures and markets nitrogen management aids, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and micronutrients that enhance farming operations.

Last year, the company wanted to develop a new campaign highlighting research on NZONE nitrogen management aid, one of its flagship products.

Goals of the campaign included:

  • Increasing awareness of NZONE.
  • Differentiating NZONE from the competition.
  • Creating demand among growers and dealers, resulting in greater awareness and additional sales.
  • Effectively communicating NZONE’s unique features and benefits, including improved yield and ROI, increased uptake and efficiency, versatility and reduced environmental impacts.

Paulsen recommended targeting growers with a paid media campaign focusing on a few especially strong NZONE research results.

We developed print ads for ag publications, banner ads for online properties, native ads and associated tactics, and a campaign microsite that houses articles and research about NZONE.

Preliminary results show an excellent response to the campaign.


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