Digital Marketing Expands Horizons

February 27, 2019

Understanding digital marketing is key for ag and rural lifestyle marketers. Because digital marketing is constantly changing, staying up-to-date requires effort and commitment.

Recently the Paulsen staff presented and participated in a series of seminars covering 14 different digital marketing topics.

Clara Jacob, creative director for Paulsen, has written a thought paper summarizing these 14 topics, including everything from SEO to voice search. Instead of reading like a conventional article, however, the thought paper allows readers to select their own learning paths.

Some of the insights you will gather from the thought paper include:

  • High-performing companies create marketing experiences, not messages
  • Content is not just text—it’s infographics, quizzes, photos, videos, etc.
  • Social media marketing begins with sound strategy

For more, access the entire thought paper here.

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