Dr. Barry Dunn Appointed President of SDSU

May 3, 2016


Congratulations to Dr. Barry Dunn on his appointment by the South Dakota Board of Regents as the next president of South Dakota State University.

Dr. Dunn was the Dean of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at SDSU prior to his presidential appointment. During his tenure in that position and as director of SDSU Extension, Dr. Dunn worked with Paulsen on marketing strategies and tactics for SDSU Extension and iGrow. Materials included development, production and broadcast of Contours, half-hour programs examining key issues in agriculture in South Dakota.

“We’re so pleased that Dr. Dunn has been appointed as the next president of SDSU,” Paulsen President Sara Steever said. “We have been privileged to work with him and his team at SDSU Extension and look forward to more opportunities to promote agricultural research and the work of SDSU Extension.”

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