Farmers Learn at South Dakota Soybean Success Seminars

February 7, 2018

Soybean producers from across South Dakota attended the 2018 South Dakota Soybean Success Seminars. The annual event brings in key speakers and reviews the past year’s South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest results, trends and best practices.

Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers included Al Kluis, broker and trader at Kluis Commodities, and Dr. Elwynn Taylor, extension climatologist at Iowa State University. Kluis’s presentation focused on marketing strategies, given the current weather patterns and global trends, while Taylor addressed the regional weather outlook for 2018.

Yield Contest Trends

Another important part of the Soybean Success Seminars is reviewing trends compiled from the South Dakota Soybean’s annual Yield Contest. Each attendee of the Success Seminars receives a booklet with a full listing of all the Yield Contest winners and the trends for each category.

Some trends are listed below. For more information on the Soybean Success Seminars, the South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest, or to review more trends, visit


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