Forging New Ground Using Video in Ag Media

July 27, 2017

Paulsen client AgXplore is an agriculture specialty company that manufactures and markets nitrogen management aids, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and micronutrients. Their flagship product, NZONE, is a nitrogen management aid that increases nitrogen availability and uptake.

Paulsen worked with AgXplore to create short videos on NZONE benefits and show the product’s unique biological process. Creatively, the challenge was to make a complex process simple enough for viewers to understand.

At that point, Paulsen’s media team came up with unique and effective ways of using those videos in ag publishing and ag paid media. Paulsen used three different tactics that forged new ground.

“On the paid media side, we used a click-to-play video that was set up as a dashboard,” Lee Larson, Paulsen associate media director, says. “Static content enticed users to watch the technical, benefits-focused overview of NZONE.”

Shorter, 15-second videos were pushed to readers as they scrolled through articles. The reader would view the video in the middle of the article and as he or she continued to scroll the article, the video would minimize to the corner of the screen.

Another unique in-article placement was on mobile devices only. “It was a parallax video,” Larson says. “As you scroll through the article, the video overlays a background image and is revealed from the bottom to the top.”

Larson says the NZONE campaign video tactics, used both as a push technique and to drive engagement on the website, showed strong performance across all fronts.

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