Great Plains Ag Hosts Paulsen Team

March 8, 2019

At Paulsen, we pride ourselves on becoming our clients’ greatest asset. We work hard to get to know their business to help move the needle.

Here’s an example. A team from Paulsen visited our client, Great Plains Ag, to discuss upcoming projects. We arrived a day early so we could take a two-hour facility tour. Traveling around the Great Plains campus in a six-person golf cart with necessary protective eyewear, we learned firsthand what it takes to build the very agricultural implements we help advertise.

There is something special about touring a manufacturing plant, seeing every piece come together and meeting the people who actually create seeding, tillage and planting implements that help farmers feed the world. We were able to ask questions and learn integral information that will be helpful when we work on creative marketing solutions.

Plus, every person who saw us cruising around in our golf cart waved, gave us a smile and helped us open doors!

We truly enjoy taking tours like this to learn more about a client’s business, which helps prepare us to take on their most important marketing challenges.

Special thanks to Great Plains Ag and their team for taking time out of their busy schedule to give us a tour and host an on-site meeting!

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