Greg Guse and Kristi Moss Celebrate 20 Years at Paulsen

January 22, 2015

January 1995 was a significant month for Paulsen. That was when Greg Guse and Kristi Moss started working for what was then known as Paulsen Advertising. Now, 20 years later, their roles and titles at Paulsen have changed, but their commitment to the industry and their clients is as strong as ever.

Kristi Moss is now our senior media director. Her first day in 1995 was as a media coordinator.

“I remember the first day here,” Moss says. “My supervisor informed me that she was sick of doing insertion orders in triplicate on the typewriter and that we were going to computerize.”

Twenty years later she says the digital world has changed media buying, and will continue to influence it going forward.

Greg Guse came to Paulsen Advertising as account supervisor when his agency, Gregory Scott Communications, was purchased by Paulsen.

He remembers that even from the first day there was something special about the agency.

“It was apparent that Paulsen had a strong sense of family and emphasis on employee morale,” Guse says.

Guse served as our president for six years before handing the reins over to our current president, Sara Steever, and being named executive vice president, business development. Over the years he has seen digital technology change the speed and manner at which Paulsen does business. But he says two things remain constant.

“Client relationships are still important. There still has to be a sense of trust and confidence in a client and that the client has in us. The other is the sense of family first, and that sets Paulsen apart.”

“Greg has been a mentor to me and our management team,” President Sara Steever says. “He’s the original road warrior, taking in every industry event and farm show to stay in touch with farmers and agribusinesses and share what he knows with the agency.”

“Kristi is invaluable in leading media strategy for our clients and keeping the agency at the head of what is changing in digital media,” Steever says. “We are fortunate to have both Greg and Kristi on our team for not only what they know, but their passion for our industry and Paulsen.”

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