Hannah Gebauer and Ryan Velgersdyk Mark Five-Year Anniversaries

August 21, 2018

Congratulations to Account Specialist Hannah Gebauer and Interactive Designer/Front End Developer Ryan Velgersdyk on their fifth anniversary with Paulsen.

“Hannah and Ryan are highly talented, hardworking and absolutely delightful people,” says Sara Steever, Paulsen president.

“Hannah has a remarkable ability to lead a team, manage complex account strategies and deadlines and build wonderful relationships with our clients,” Steever says.

“Ryan’s talents span both the traditional and digital design teams at Paulsen. Our clients benefit from his ability to understand both worlds because he brings a user experience perspective to everything he designs. We are fortunate to have them both on our team!”

Hannah Gebauer

According to Hannah, her first five years at Paulsen have been fun and educational.

“The more I learn about every aspect of the business, the better I can be in account service,” she says.

Hannah enjoys the high level of collaboration with co-workers in different departments, including media, creative, PR, digital and strategy, and on the account service team.

“But happy clients are the best reward,” she says.

Although Hannah grew up in town, her grandparents on both sides were involved in agriculture. Working on ag and rural lifestyle accounts has helped her appreciate her roots and shaped her goals for her own future.

Hannah’s outside interests include tennis, golf and travel. Since starting at Paulsen she’s become involved with a dog rescue organization, helping with fostering and transports. She also has two (adorable and well-behaved) dogs of her own, Mia and Zoey, who sometimes visit the office.

Ryan Velgersdyk

Ryan says the five years have gone by quickly. He joined Paulsen hoping to be challenged by a wide variety of projects and has not been disappointed.

“I’ve worked on web, print, banners, animation and recently went on a photo shoot,” Ryan says.

Ryan especially enjoys working on creative projects that allow him to push the envelope when it comes to strategy and design.

He also appreciates the work-life balance that Paulsen promotes and the (well-deserved) respect he receives. “I feel like my professional opinion is valued,” he says.

Outside of the office, the last five years have brought Ryan and his wife a second child (Patrick, age 2, has joined Evelyn, who is now 5) and a new house. Ryan has also started running again, after a new parent hiatus; he’s racing in the Sioux Falls Half Marathon on September 9.

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