How to Improve the Health of Your Website

by Clara Jacob
August 8, 2013

Content strategy for the web is kind of like vitamins. You can go about your life happily, oblivious to vitamins. But when you develop scurvy, or rickets, it becomes apparent something was wrong all along.

I’m not saying your website has rickets. It’s just that many websites aren’t in perfect health.

Maybe your website is outdated. These days, that happens about five minutes after you’ve launched a new site.

Maybe your site has been updated in the last year, but it doesn’t look quite right anymore.

Maybe it’s hard for your customers to find what they’re looking for. Maybe you have so many menu items that visitors don’t know where to go.

Maybe there’s a lot of content that someone thought should be on the site but is seldom viewed. Maybe nobody really knows which pages are seldom viewed.

Here’s where content strategy comes in. It’s part of what Paulsen provides as part of every web project.

Content strategy covers a range of strategic thinking that we apply to your web project. It’s partly using proven marketing principles to create a positive web experience for users and an effective marketing tool—such as articulating objectives, identifying target audiences and motivating viewers to take the desired action.

The content strategy process helps us—and you—decide what information should appear on your site and how it should be organized. It ensures that every single page on your site has a purpose.

Another critical aspect of content strategy is what we call governance, which means planning from the beginning how the site will be managed and operated within your organization. Because a website is never “finished.” It must be continuously updated to maintain its relevance and impact.

Like all marketing materials, your website represents and reflects the quality and personality of your organization. It’s important to use all the tools available, like content strategy, to present the right image and obtain optimum results.

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