Innovative Soybean Market Development Website Launched

May 2, 2018

Paulsen recently launched a website created to help develop an important value-added soybean market for soybean producers in the Upper Midwest.

Northern Soy Marketing, LLC (NSM) is comprised of the soybean checkoff boards of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. This organization uses checkoff dollars to fund research showing that the soybean quality and Critical Amino Acid Value (CAAV) level in soybeans grown in these states have superior protein levels compared to soybeans grown elsewhere.

NSM contacted Paulsen to assist in the development and design of a new mobile-responsive site. This project included an interactive tool that calculates the CAAV based on either whole soybean or soybean meal samples provided by the user. This data can then be saved and emailed to the user.

As the domain name implies, this site is also designed to market these higher quality soybeans grown in this region to buyers across the world. Extensive information and research done on whole soybeans and soybean meal can be reviewed on the website.

Click here to check out the full site and the calculator.

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