Jon’s 15 Acres

May 13, 2015

How many of us can trace our roots back to agriculture?

My name is Jon Marohl, and, until recently, I have had no direct experience working the land. I have been an art director at Paulsen for almost 10 years.

Recently my father-in-law, a farmer, asked me to join him in farming 15 acres of my own. This question of agriculture and our ancestors is one I pondered as Tim, my father-in-law, has taught me to drive tractors, operate implements and has been kind enough to impart as much farming knowledge as I can absorb.

As far as my family goes, I had a grandfather who had a small dairy and great-grandparents who were homesteaders in Minnesota. And here I am, planting my own corn crop.

As of now, the soil has been prepared, the corn planted and it’s currently several inches tall. I am very excited about my 15 acres, and I hope you’ll follow the progress of my crop with me all the way through harvest in the Paulsen Post.

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