Kubota Tractor Corporation Opens Facility in Texas

April 10, 2017

Kubota cut the ribbon on the new Grapevine complex on April 7, 2017. Paulsen was honored to be invited to attend the milestone event. The ceremony blended both Japanese and American customs: a traditional ribbon cutting, a dramatic drum performance and the breaking of Japanese sake casks. Dignitaries included Kubota’s Masatoshi Kimata, president and representative director of the Kubota Group, Masato Yoshikawa, president and CEO of Kubota Tractor Corporation, as well as other leaders from Kubota’s U.S. and Japanese operations, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Grapevine, Texas, Mayor William D. Tate as well as other local dignitaries and guests.

The new headquarters contains research and development facilities as well as corporate offices, reinforcing Kubota’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality.

“Kubota’s new facilities are proof of what can be achieved with 45 years of strong leadership and smart decision making,” says Paulsen president Sara Steever, who attended the event. “Kubota’s market share in compact tractors is the envy of the ag equipment sector, and they are positioned for strength in the future, too.”

Paulsen is proud to work alongside Kubota’s marketing team, a relationship spanning nearly 18 years.

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