Kubota’s Progressive Farmer Takeover

April 8, 2015

During the past 15 years, Kubota Tractor Corporation and Paulsen have partnered to define and develop the rural lifestyle market in the U.S.

As Kubota grows in popularity for rural lifestylers across the country, the company has prepared to enter a new market: commercial agriculture. With the announcement of Kubota’s first ever high-horsepower tractor, the M7 Series, along with more new-product launches than ever before, 2014 marked the start of a new era for Kubota – a culmination of years’ worth of market research and planning.

One tactic used to showcase Kubota’s new market perspective and collection of products was a special edition of Progressive Farmer, in which Kubota’s newest campaign was featured exclusively throughout the issue.


This total publication takeover was no chance opportunity, in fact, the entire project from start to finish was more than five years in the making. With a vision for new markets in hand, Paulsen Senior Media Director Kristi Moss embarked on a mission.

“On behalf of Kubota, we asked ag pubs from around the country to provide their biggest and best ideas, and Progressive Farmer answered in a great way,” said Moss.

As with every media collaboration, the takeover required the right client, right market conditions and right budget to be successful. Everything came together at the right time for this opportunity to be realized.


Production required 22 pages of creative be developed, including new photography and incorporation of the newest campaign, We are Kubota.

“The challenge was to develop a concept that would serve as a strong foundation to carry the brand and also give us a platform flexible enough to showcase Kubota’s full range of equipment,” said Paulsen VP, Strategic Director Mark Smither.

Paulsen collaborated with Kubota to develop the visuals, messaging and sequence needed to get the most value out of this extensive creative undertaking.

“The We are Kubota campaign as developed and produced by Paulsen has exceeded our expectations many times over and will lead our brand communications efforts far into the future,” said Kubota Marketing Communications Manager Vince Iorio. “It is a seminal work that resonates with people, and it truly bespeaks the Kubota brand and its customers.”


The match yielded positive results for both parties, gaining attention and making an impression for Kubota while highlighting the value of real estate in the publication.

“We believed this single sponsored issue was a perfect vehicle for Kubota to introduce our 530,000 subscribers and 1.3 million readers to the company’s new lines of equipment,” said Progressive Farmer Publisher Jack Odle.

“Their advertisements were surrounded by compatible editorial content, which created a strong environment for the introduction and launch of Kubota’s products. It was certainly successful in catching the attention of our readers as well as other advertisers.”

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