Meet the New Paulsen Shuffleboard

September 5, 2018

Every office has ways to cut the stress and let off a little steam. Here at Paulsen, there’s a new game in town—shuffleboard.

This summer, a 12-foot shuffleboard table was installed in the creative department to help foster a little competitive spirit and give our staff a way to relax and enjoy a few minutes of downtime.

“Being able to step away and play a game for five minutes helps the creative process. It gives you a chance to reboot and enhance your creative focus,” said Mike Dowling, VP, creative services.

“This is just one more way we as a management team can help put our staff in the best position to succeed,” he added. “We’re all creative here, whether we work in the creative department, the media department or account service. Plus, it’s really cool!”

Of course, here at Paulsen, we couldn’t just go with a standard win-loss leaderboard. A complex mathematical formula had to be devised to give every employee a fair shot, whether you play once a month or every day over lunch, to reward players for beating higher-ranked players.

“It’s more complicated than my taxes,” said VP, Strategic Director Mark Smither. “But since I won the first month, I guess I shouldn’t complain!”

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