New Campaign for Doebler’s Pennsylvania Hybrids

August 11, 2017

For several years, Paulsen has worked with Doebler’s Hybrids, a regional seed company based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1935 in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, Doebler’s has separated themselves from other national seed companies by tailoring their genetics to perform for growers in the eastern and northeastern parts of the contiguous U.S.

In 2010, Doebler’s became a partner with DuPont Pioneer as a PROaccess brand.

Although Doebler’s began as a corn seed brand, today the company offers corn (both conventional and organic), soybeans, alfalfa, forages, clover and hybrids selected for grain and silage.

Another characteristic of Doebler’s is the company’s philosophy of people first. The company truly partners with growers, and this commitment to relationships became a key component of our marketing strategy.

Initially, Paulsen worked with Doebler’s on pay-per-click campaigns and social media strategy and content. However, during the last calendar year, we’ve collaborated with Doebler’s on a complete marketing campaign.

Paulsen conducted a content audit of the Doebler’s website and reviewed its social media presence and direct mail efforts. We also interviewed several customers and dealers across different geographic regions. Through this process, we were able to identify five key audience segments.

Based on these identified segments, Paulsen created specific content to reach each audience, including print and digital display ads, content development and native advertising, marketing automation, logo development, sales materials including tradeshow collateral and direct mail pieces, and website improvements for a better user experience.

While it is still premature in this 2018-growing season to report final metrics, internal and external audiences have taken note of these efforts. Stay tuned for final performance metrics once Doebler’s seeds are in the ground!

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