New CRYSTALYX® Website Launch

January 6, 2016

On December 21, Ridley, Inc., a client of Paulsen for over twenty years, launched its new website for its landmark brand, CRYSTALYX®.

“One of the main objectives of creating the new site was to make it responsive for mobile,” said Ryan Velgersdyk, interactive designer/front end developer at Paulsen.

“Analytics showed that the most used part of the site was the product search function. As a result, we put that feature front and center so customers can find products quickly and easily,” said Ryan.

“In addition, there was a lot of content, such as blog posts and articles, that we were able to bring in to display on relevant product pages,” he said.

Paulsen developed a website for Ridley’s STOCKADE® Brands in mid-2015 on a new platform that allowed for greater control and flexibility in the administrative section of their site.

Due to the success of the STOCKADE® Brands website, Ridley requested be developed on the same platform and share an administrative section with the STOCKADE® Brands website, so the Ridley site managers would have one central location for updating both sites.

Both the Ridley and Paulsen teams have been very pleased with the mobile responsiveness and increased SEO of the site.

Ridley Block Operations, a division of Ridley, Inc., manufactures and markets block supplements, loose minerals and dried molasses. Products are sold under highly recognized and proprietary brand names, including CRYSTALYX®, SWEETLIX®, ULTRAYLX® and STOCKADE® Brands, in addition to a number of controlled and private labels.

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