New NASS Data for

September 15, 2016

Ag media planners and buyers will now have improved data for use in the Paulsen-developed

This tool allows users to visually map their client’s territory and determine what radio networks and stations are available. They can also plot new areas by viewing heat maps of commodities.

Previously, the heat maps used census data provided by the USDA National Agriculture Statistical Service (NASS).

The problem was that census data is refreshed every five years, which meant it could take up to seven years for data to be available for public use.

The new heat map commodity information comes from NASS survey data, which is updated much more frequently. The tool makes use of an API to get the freshest survey data, which for some commodities can be updated multiple times per year.

The still offers access and the ability to download Ag Media Research data. It also allows users to save their geographic territories for future reference.

Other features include the ability to quickly reference information about radio stations, networks, television, webcasters and rep firms.


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