New Research Confirms a Media “Mix”

by Sara Steever
August 29, 2012

What is the best way to reach farmers these days? According to the 2012 Ag Media Channel Study released in August, it looks like traditional print and broadcast media still play critical roles in the media mix, but digital media extends reach even further.

Most farmers 45 years and younger feel digital information is essential to running their operations. This belief is even more common among farms and ranches that generate more than $500,000 per year, regardless of age. That trend shows promise of continuing well into the future especially as use of mobile increases.

From the executive summary of the research:

  • All forms of digital communications are playing important roles as information sources for U.S. farmers and ranchers, and will continue to play increasingly important roles in the future.
  • While digital media may have become dominant in other B2B markets, agricultural magazines/newspapers continue to be the most important information resource, reaching and influencing the most farmers/ranchers – even among the younger age segment
  • In the future, agricultural magazines/newspapers will continue to be the leading information resource.
  • In addition to magazines/newspapers, ag dealers and retailers are also used most for informing and validating purchase decisions.
  • As measured by revenue, larger operators are more actively engaged with media channels, seeking information to run their businesses and inform decision-making.

As marketers, we feel it is important to read as much current research regarding our industry as is possible. The industry continues to evolve towards digital platforms, but reaching farmers today requires understanding their relationships with trusted sources regardless of how they receive the information.

Learn more about this topic in our article titled, “Digital Ag: How to Talk to Producers Online.”


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