New South Dakota Corn Logo Unveiled

September 10, 2015

Creating a new logo can be a little like changing your name. Everyone has attachments to the existing logo, but there’s a need for something new.

In the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council and South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s case, their current logos were fine – but they wanted a new, modern logo representing both organizations as a unified group.

“We want to speak to consumers as one group representing agriculture and corn in South Dakota,” said Teddi Mueller, legislative and industry affairs director.

“This logo helps accomplish that, and also speaks to the increasing importance of technology in corn production and agricultural decision-making.”

South Dakota Corn’s new logo is bold and contemporary, showing the group’s strength and high profile.

Two versions of the logo can be used, depending on the audience. In state, “SD Corn” will appear. When the logo is used nationally or internationally, it will read “South Dakota Corn.”

“It’s important for our members and consumers to see the unity of purpose that South Dakota Corn displays through this new logo,” said Mueller. “Now more than ever we want to educate and inform consumers about the critical role South Dakota corn growers and all of agriculture play in the economic vitality of our state.”



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