New South Dakota Corn Marketing Campaign Introduced

November 11, 2016

Fresh Perspectives is the theme of the new This is Farming campaign Paulsen created for South Dakota Corn, which began in mid-November.

Aimed at consumers, the campaign includes 60-second and 30-second TV and radio commercials, print, social media and a variety of digital components.

The campaign shows South Dakota farmers from unique perspectives, including the point of view of a drone, the point of view of a child, and looking forward to the future.

“Research showed that a significant segment of South Dakota consumers are advocates of farming,” said Mark Smither, VP, strategic director at Paulsen.

“We also learned that another segment trusts technology to make farming safer, more profitable and better for the environment,” he said.

These findings drove the development of the campaign, which emphasizes emotional connections, ag as the state’s primary economic force and the exciting advances in technology.

The campaign can be viewed at

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