Paulsen and Hubbard Feeds Develop Swine Crush App

April 8, 2015

Hubbard Feeds was looking for a mobile application that would provide information about best-cost feeding programs and enhance their producers’ ability to make good business and production decisions. The company worked with Paulsen’s digital services division to develop the Swine Crush App to accomplish that.

The Hubbard Feeds team and the Paulsen development team brought together input and output costs involved in swine production, as well as geographic factors, to create accurate predictive formulas. The app was launched early this year, and Hubbard reports that results have been good and growing.

“Our primary job at Hubbard Feeds is to increase our customers’ profitability and competitive advantage in the marketplace,” Jamie Pietig, Hubbard Feeds nutritionist, said. “The biggest requests we receive from our customers are how to reduce risk and accurately project and protect future profits. The Crush App answers these questions and provides accurate, reliable, real-time information so producers can make marketing decisions based on sound information.”

Pietig added that during field testing of the app, producers were impressed with the accuracy of feed cost and usage projections.

“The testing group was also amazed at how easy the program could be operated once the basic production costs and commodity basis information was entered into the program, which is a credit to the collaborative effort of the Paulsen team and Hubbard Swine Nutrition.”

Hubbard reports that the number of Swine Crush App users grows every week. The Crush App was featured in the March edition of their E-Solutions email blast, and had one of the highest all-time open rates. The company will be promoting the app at the World Pork Expo and other events and meetings in the months ahead. Producers interested in the app can go to or email for more information.

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