Paulsen Attends 5th Meredith Digital Summit

August 14, 2019

Media Group Director Kristi Moss and Media Strategist James Dykes represented Paulsen at the annual Meredith Agrimedia Digital Summit held at the company’s Des Moines headquarters on August 8.

Alongside 100+ ag marketers, Moss and Dykes listened to speakers from across the country who offered attendees tips on current best practices in digital marketing as well as glimpses into our digital future.

Content continues to be an important topic for ag marketing. Justin Davey, content director for Meredith Agrimedia custom content, summed it up nicely: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Other Meredith team members spoke to the group about innovative ways to communicate with the next generation of farmers.

Highlights of the day included a session conducted by Marc Guldimann, Founder and CEO of Parsec Media. He offered insight into their company’s plan to use an attention value scoring model to assess the value of digital advertising units. Our current model of CPM buying based on impressions gives an “all impressions are created equal” assessment structure. Any media buyer struggling with ROI is no doubt excited by the prospect of using tools like this.

Matt Turk, CRO of Megaphone, spoke to the group about advertising purchasing models for podcasts that include the data and measurement advertisers have long been craving.

This year marked Dykes’ first time attending the event. “We are definitely heading towards digital ad delivery where contextual targeting and accurate contextual targeted reporting is going to be a forefront conversation with media planners and media partners,” he says.

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