Paulsen Attends the Farmer’s Daughter Legislative Forum

October 3, 2016

The Forum, hosted by Ag United for South Dakota, featured 14 of the 18 candidates running for legislative offices in Minnehaha County Districts 9, 10 and 25. The group heard from representatives of South Dakota dairy and pork organizations.

The dairy industry’s main issues include zoning and the upgrade of the Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL). The lab is the only animal health laboratory in the state, located on the South Dakota State University campus. Veterinary officials say it’s crucial in helping the state’s agriculture industry weather future outbreaks.

A pork industry representative noted the continued growth in the South Dakota swine industry and echoed the need for “freedom to operate” regarding zoning issues. There was also broad support for the ADRDL project.

Water quality was also on the minds of the legislative candidates, especially a buffer bill that will call for voluntary buffer strips with a range of 50- to 120-feet in width. The discussion on zoning resulted in unanimous agreement among the candidates that local control is best, and it should be kept at the county level.

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