Paulsen Christmas Benefits Feeding South Dakota

December 22, 2017

This year, Paulsen celebrated Christmas by helping Feeding South Dakota, which provides temporary food assistance to approximately 21,000 hungry individuals and families statewide every week. The organization’s programs provide food to 190,000 people each year.

Paulsen kicked off the season by donating one dollar for every Paulsen Christmas card sent out, which exceeded 500. Through Feeding South Dakota’s year-end matching program, every dollar we donated was matched.

The Paulsen Christmas party also helped Feeding South Dakota through a fun and creative challenge. Eight teams participated in the Holiday Hy-Vee Hunt, which involved spending $100 at the nearby Hy-Vee grocery store (on items in high demand at Feeding South Dakota). Each team then created a sculpture out of the purchased items in a limited timeframe.

Prizes were awarded for best Christmas spirit, most creative food sculpture and best social media post. Best of all, the food—more than 555 pounds—was all donated to Feeding South Dakota.

Giving back to our community is core to our values here at Paulsen. Every staff member was honored to help such an important cause.


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