Paulsen Crew Tours Valley Queen Cheese

April 5, 2018

On March 29 and 30, members of the Paulsen team toured client Valley Queen Cheese’s manufacturing facility in Milbank, S.D., and saw the exciting world of how cheese is made!

After a morning visit to Riverview Dairy in Morris, Minn., Valley Queen Cheese’s largest supplier of milk, the team ventured to Milbank. With impeccable tour guides Kirk Baldwin and Joan Behr, the Paulsen team witnessed the entire process of making cheese – from the initial delivery of milk all the way to the final cheese products.

Valley Queen Cheese runs 24/7 and processes over 4 million pounds of milk per day, resulting in 400,000 pounds of cheese and thousands of pounds of milk by-products, such as lactose and whey.

The company works diligently to ensure top-quality products with rigorous testing. For example, before the milk from producers is even accepted by Valley Queen Cheese, the milk is sampled and tested for both antibiotic presence and temperature. If the sample does not pass either test, the entire truck of milk is rejected.

During the two-day tour, the team shot both still photos and video footage of the process, which will be used in marketing materials for Valley Queen Cheese.

Paulsen team members who toured the facility included Lead Content Developer Derek Baune, Account Coordinator Breanne Rentschler and Freelance Photographer Greg Latza.

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