Paulsen Helps Make the Stockyards Ag Experience Come to Life

March 10, 2017

The Sioux Falls Stockyards was an integral part of the region’s agricultural life for more than 92 years. It closed in 2009, but the experience of the Stockyards and agriculture in the region is being brought back to life through the Stockyards Ag Experience at Falls Park in downtown Sioux Falls.

Paulsen played an integral part in the concept and creation of the museum, its exhibits and the website.

“In 2013, the committee for the Stockyards Plaza gave a presentation to Paulsen about the project,” Allyse Steffen, Paulsen account specialist for the project, says. “They were looking for funding for the project and asked us to produce a brochure about the project and another for fundraising.”

That successful funding campaign led to the purchase of the historical horse barn, located at Falls Park, that the board decided to turn into a museum, just across the street from where the Stockyards Plaza would be. The board asked Paulsen to come up with ideas for the lower level of the barn.

“Paulsen concepted ideas for the lower level, which became the Farm to Table exhibit,” Steffen says.

The Stockyards exhibit interprets the 92-year legacy of the Sioux Falls Stockyards and brings history to life through oral history interviews. The lower level concepts involved a look at regional agriculture in the tri-state area and what farmers and agribusiness does best.

The idea is to get people to come to the Falls Park area, including the barn and plaza, as well as the farmer’s market across the street, to showcase the history and ongoing potential of agriculture and its connection to the community.

“Through the process of the lower level, the board liked our ideas and asked us to help with the design of the upper level, Stockyards part of the barn as well. Paulsen was tasked with tying both levels together to create a unique experience for visitors.”

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