Paulsen Represented at Conference Devoted to Livestock Traceability

April 16, 2018

Consumer interest in food safety, foreign disease prevention and source of origin are important topics getting more and more attention. As a result, traceability has become a critical topic to livestock producers, processors, retailers and exporters.

To address growing interest in the subject, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) devoted its annual conference to Livestock Traceability: Opportunities for Animal Agriculture. The conference was held in Denver from April 10 to 12 with more than 200 industry representatives attending.

The conference featured numerous presentations on cattle identification and traceability from professionals representing various segments of the cattle industry. New traceability technologies, use of blockchain, branded beef, success of traceability in Canada and a panel of Millennial consumers discussing their interest in food production were among the many topics discussed during the NIAA annual conference.

Paulsen EVP, Industry Analyst Greg Guse attended the event and was impressed with the quality and depth of the information shared.

“The topic of livestock traceability is much more complicated than I had thought,” he explained. “While there is growing agreement that traceability is a very important issue in the livestock industry, there are many different opinions as to how we will get there.”

He went on to say the Canadian beef industry has developed and implemented a very successful traceability program that producers have adopted and is working quite well.

“The importance and need for uniform livestock traceability will continue to grow as consumers, retailers and export customers put greater emphasis on this topic,” Guse said. “It will be interesting to see how our livestock industry responds to this challenge.”

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