Paulsen Welcomes Intern Isaac Druin

June 5, 2019

University of South Dakota senior Isaac Druin is interning at Paulsen for the summer.

A graphic design major, Isaac is assisting the creative team and learning from experienced art directors and web designers.

“A lot of people are helping me learn and improve my skill base,” Isaac says. “I like the fun and upbeat atmosphere. And I get to work with Mike Dowling, who is pretty incredible.”

Isaac grew up in Vermillion and still lives there, making the commute each day to and from Sioux Falls. “It gives me time to listen to a lot of podcasts,” he says. His favorite is Changelog, which is about web development.

After graduating in December, Isaac plans to attend a coding camp before seeking a position as a web designer.

Isaac became interested in digital design and coding when he began making interactive 3D models and printing them on a 3D printer. This dovetailed with his passion for sculpture, connecting disparate disciplines to increase artistic possibilities.

In his free time, Isaac enjoys creating art, as well as outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. As a side gig, he does photography for weddings, engagements and portraits.

Also in his spare time he cares for his three-foot-long ball python named Soda Pop.  As you probably guessed, there’s a story behind this, but you’ll have to ask him for the details directly. Isaac also has a dog and a cat that are currently living with his parents, because of his long commute.


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