Peterson Farms Seed Unveils New Brand Campaign

November 19, 2019

When a client comes to you and says, “We want something new and different. No more farmers in the field shaking hands with their seed reps, boots on the ground, field at sunset imagery,” you know you have an opportunity to do something unexpected.

Paulsen did just that for Peterson Farms Seed’s new brand campaign called We’re That Kind of Seed Company.

Farmers choose brands they trust—and trust is a rare and valuable commodity. To build that trusting relationship, it’s important to speak the language of shared values.

As a brand, Peterson has strong values; the premise of the campaign was to show that Peterson is just like its farmer customers—and to communicate those shared values. The message is that Peterson Farms Seed is the kind of seed company farmers trust.

The campaign theme is flexible enough to address numerous brand attributes.

Visually, we used simple, unexpected images against a bright blue background for ads that would command attention.

Paulsen delivered on our promise to create a campaign with no farmers in fields. The campaign includes TV, radio and print, with digital coming soon.

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