October 19, 2018

Some organizations have an artist-in-residence. Others have a writer-in-residence. Since Paulsen already has artists and writers on staff, we decided to go with a puppy-in-residence.

Meet Gabby, an adorable 11-week-old Mini Goldendoodle. Technically, she belongs to Interactive Designer/Front End Developer Ryan Velgersdyk and his family. She’s accompanying Ryan to work until she is house-trained—or office-trained, in this case.

“We are on top of potty training,” Ryan says. “She’s getting to the point where she’s asking to go out.”

She sleeps most of the day in her crate next to Ryan’s desk, but does get out to socialize with Paulsen staff. Ryan sometimes takes her on short walks around the neighborhood, as well.

Gabby’s other skills include sitting, cuddling, playing and evoking smiles among staff members and attending Paulsen’s kickoff Halloween event at the Heartland County Corn Maze.

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