QR Codes and Point-of-Purchase Decision Activity

by Sara Steever
September 13, 2011

Rural lifestylers are becoming more familiar with bar code readers that pull up detailed information at the point of sale. Not only price comparisons, but also environmental and political actions about that brands parent company.

According to a February 2011 survey of U.S. smartphone users by MGH, a Baltimore social media marketing company, 32 percent of respondents said they have scanned a QR code. Of those, 53 percent said they used the code to get a coupon or discount. And 72 percent said they were more likely to remember an advertisement with a QR code.

We see the adoption rate for QR codes rising amongst rural lifestylers. Rewards received through scanning QR codes should be valuable and relevant to them. Deliver something that is not available elsewhere and is something worthwhile or surprising.

Marketing Takeaway

Point-of-purchase interactions have become a more powerful touch point. Rural lifestylers are armed with mobile devices to scan QR codes and bar codes, as well as poll Facebook friends. Be responsive in social spaces when and where customers are asking questions.

Read the full study on how rural lifestylers make purchase decisions and their feedback on the intrigue regarding QR codes.

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