Ridley Launches New and Improved BCS App

December 19, 2016

Ridley Block Operations has a reputation for developing innovative digital tools to better serve their customers. Seeing a need to update their Body Conditioning Score (BCS) application, Ridley contacted Paulsen to refresh this popular app.

The BCS app gives producers a convenient way to track both animals and pastures. Producers can photograph a cow, enter the ear tag and optionally assign it to a pasture. They can then compare the shot to reference photos provided for each score, or supply their own, and assign a score to the cow.

The date and location are automatically recorded when producers allow it via GPS. The app also allows users to organize and track cows individually or by pasture, view stats on animals and pastures over time and export data in CSV format via email.

The app launched in early December and has already been adopted by many of the previous app users.

Find Beef Cow BCS today in the App Store.

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