Ring in the New, But Keep What’s Tried and True

December 21, 2016

Hi! Blogging today is Joanie Hess. I am a media strategist by day, and farming is my second job.

On the farm, the journey into the new year is a process of melding the old and the new. For example, while fixing up the 100+-year-old barn, we are trying to keep the features that have made it dependable this long, while implementing the changes needed to make it flexible for new opportunities.

My strategy in the Paulsen media department is not much different. We are always balancing dependable methods with new opportunities.

Not long ago, ag marketers viewed the customer journey as a rather linear path, applied to a large demographic. Today we identify social identities and individual behaviors. The right message at the right time in the right place comes as close as possible to an individual level of communication.

It can be tempting for clients to consider cutting traditional tactics because the world seems to be screaming digital everything. However, research shows us that customers in the ag world still get much of their information from the tried and true print and radio tactics, especially in the demographic over age 50.

Many ag publishers have unveiled or will soon unveil new mobile-first websites. We expect these refreshed sites to enhance the customer journey by effectively using the dizzying amount of content available at their fingertips. And, analytics help us continually improve and personalize the customer’s journey.

As budget allows, the best move, whether it’s for a barn or a media plan, is to mix tried and true foundations and tactics with new technologies and opportunities.


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