Rockin’ Yields

January 19, 2015

A team from Paulsen attended the 29th Annual South Dakota Corn Growers Annual Meeting Banquet at the Sioux Falls Convention Center the evening of January 17.

The evening included remarks from U.S. Representative Kristi Noem, Senator John Thune, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and Craig Culver, Founder and CEO of Culver’s restaurants. Hotel California, an Eagles tribute band, played after the dinner and program.

South Dakota Corn presented awards and paid tribute to farmers, business leaders, elected officials and others who help keep agriculture strong in the state.

Paulsen created the event name, logo, invitation and welcome video, but the team was blown away by how thoroughly and expertly the theme was executed by the South Dakota Corn staff at the event.

The “Rockin’ Yields” theme came to life in the VIP invitation, which looked like a record album. Inside, the vinyl “record” had actual grooves, thanks to spot UV printing technology.

The Paulsen team at the event included Jon Marohl, Clara Jacob, Sara Steever, Jordin Edwards, Mark Smither, Bryan Bjerke and Greg Guse.


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