Rural Lifestylers and Writing Reviews

by Sara Steever
September 20, 2011

After a purchase, rural lifestylers remain aggressively engaged, publicly promoting or assailing the products they have bought. Paulsen conducted a three-month study in 2011 to better understand how online communities, brand advocates and customer reviews influence the purchase decisions of rural lifestylers.

The study involved 13 personal interviews with rural lifestylers in the Midwest, as well as 341 completed email surveys of rural lifestylers in a random representative sample of the United States in C and D counties. 98 percent of those in our email survey who purchase products online also write reviews about a purchased product or service.

During our interviews we asked the same questions. It was interesting to hear that most reviews written by these folks were negative reviews. Surprisingly, a customer who did not develop a bond with the product during the initial purchase may turn into a positive influencer after trying a competing product. Keep in contact with bad-vocates, and ask for their testimony as they have substantial impact.

It is important to intercept post-purchase behavior and encourage online sharing to reinforce and enhance relationships and cultivate influencers into brand advocates.

Consumer reviews impact each step as rural lifestylers navigate through the purchase decision-making process. By recognizing rural lifestylers purchasing behaviors, create a user experience that matches their expectations, converts sales and builds relationships.

These customer insights may extend past the marketing and bring an overall commitment to customer satisfaction throughout all areas like product development, sales and distribution.

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